Posted: 1 Jul '19

What is Foreclosure and How Does a Mortgage Loan for Foreclosure Work?

Foreclosure is not a word that people like to think about. When peoples homes are foreclosed on, it usually means that the owners are experiencing hardship in their lives. Often the case is that one or more people responsible for paying the mortgage became ill or lost their job(s). Neither of these are happy situations for most people. The best way to deal with foreclosure is to realize it as soon as possible and take action at the first possible sign of trouble.

What About Getting a Mortgage Loan for Foreclosure?

A mortgage loan for foreclosure would undoubtedly be the best way to take care of your problem, especially if you have a good amount of equity in your home. The second you receive notice that you are being laid off or fired, take a hard look at your finances and start applying for a new job. Or the second that your loved one is in the hospital don't forget about your finances. Usually, banks will start threatening you with foreclosure after about three missed payments and then start the foreclosure process.

If you have at least 25% of equity in your home, you may have a chance to refinance and pay off the mortgage that is behind. If this is the case, call a bad credit mortgage broker right away to obtain a mortgage loan for foreclosure.

If you don’t have a current job, it may be harder to obtain the loan until you get working again. There are still solutions available but you would need a much higher equity position in the home.

Preparing to get a Mortgage Loan for Foreclosure

Getting ready to figure out options for your mortgage might be a little scary. To prepare:

  • Be as organized as possible.
  • Be aware that your broker will need documentation
  • Be aware of exactly how much you owe the current mortgage company, including legal fees
  • Be honest with your mortgage broker so they have all of the information
  • Take care of yourself, sleeping and eating healthy can help minimize stress

Getting a Mortgage Loan After the Foreclosure Process Has Started

If you have enough equity this situation can also be solved. Banks are not likely to give you a mortgage loan for foreclosure after the process has officially started. Your best bet here is to work with a broker who can find you a private lender. A good broker will have an exit strategy so that the private lender is a temporary solution. It is crucial to be proactive at the first signs of non-payment.

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